By Contributing Editor Eleanor Snite

In 2008, Are Telecom & Wind did not have “telecom” in its name and was primarily providing poles for small wind customers. But, as those small wind companies became interested in telecom, ARE started to branch out into temporary towers and foundations that can be assembled in hours, use local dirt/gravel, and work with ARE’s self-raising poles.  “Our small wind customers asked for different products, and we found there was a good crossover from wind to telecom,” said Dion Johnson, president, CEO and owner of ARE Telecom & Wind.  This past February, ARE went to the Super Bowl in New York City. They installed two temporary 150 Series AFS foundations with their self-raising poles  for Verizon to provide additional wireless coverage during events at Pier 40 and Pier 88. The temporary installation had the same capacity as a permanent concrete foundation and monopole and went up in a few hours. They required no equipment, just simple wrenches. Verizon electricians were then able to complete all other electrical work while on the ground.

ARE provides their foundation solutions to poles as high as 140 feet. Combining their foundations with their self-raising poles, ARE has a product line that works not only in the tight urban area of New York City, but also remote areas where concrete delivery and heavy equipment are expensive and difficult.  “Our customers like that the same system can be used for temporary or indefinite permanent installations,” Johnson said. “They have the same capacity as the permanent installations and often at a lower cost than conventional concrete foundations.“   ARE’s telecom department is now approximately 25 percent of its total business and growing, Johnson said. The company works primarily with contractors and carriers, and installs the systems but doesn’t handle the electronics work. “We’re just getting started in telecom towers and are focusing on what we are doing that’s different,” he added.  “We’re hoping to be a resource to the industry – through sales or leasing of our systems.”