Three Cell Towers and More Safety Almost in Sight for Wahoo


A process that began earlier this year was brought closer to completion when the Saunders County Board of Supervisors gave the go-ahead to sign off on property agreements for cell tower placement. Wahoo County in Nebraska has been looking for opportunities to improve its digital connectivity, reports Wahoo Newspaper. It has plans to erect three 300-foot cell towers to eliminate coverage gaps.

The three new cell towers will support an upgraded emergency radio system that the county has already negotiated with Motorola. Originally, the county considered leasing space, but a cost benefit analysis suggested that building and maintaining their own cell towers would be a more effective use of resources. Having come to this conclusion, the Board then sought out landowners in the region who might be willing to sell their property to the county. 

Eventually, three desirable one-acre sites were identified. If all goes well, the towers will be situated a little north of Touhy with the range extending to cover Valparaiso, north of Ceresco along U.S. 77, and approximately two miles west of Wahoo. Each is slated to be sold for $30,000. Certified Testing Services has been engaged to perform soil testing at the sites to make sure they are able to support the weight of a 300-foot tower. Once approved, Rey Freeman Communications Consulting will solicit for bids according to the Wahoo Newspaper.


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