Top 10 Reasons to Attend Connect X


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10. Golf! What could be better than kicking off your week in Miami with a golf outing with your friends, colleagues and partners?

9. Meet the companies leading the CBRS and Private LTE revolution at the OnGo Pavilion featuring more than 35 member companies of the CBRS Alliance.

8. Learn how edge computing affects the value and revenue prospects for wireless infrastructure owners and commercial property owners.

7. Investors and Capital: is 2020 the best year to expand into fiber, edge, private LTE, and indoor neutral host networks? You’ll hear from investors, investment professionals and analysts about the prospects for mergers, acquisition and expansion.

6. Policy updates: from Washington D.C. to local government, the regulatory arena in 5G is a vital component of the industry outlook for the year, and how that affects your strategy. Gain new information on managing the community and local government relationship for the deployment of small cells, millimeter wave and fiber.

5. Enterprises ramping up private LTE deployments: leading companies from MGM Resorts to local commercial landlords are looking closely at the opportunities in CBRS-enabled private LTE networks. Where are the opportunities for infrastructure firms in enterprise-level LTE deployments?

4. Automation in Site Development & Management: Squeezing costs out of managing sites is high on the list for the entire industry. Connect X showcases new thinking, new solutions and new use cases for deploying next generation software and automation tools to improve margins in site management.

3. Monetizing in-building networks: data traffic indoors is rapidly increasing resulting in new opportunities for infrastructure owners to serve landlords and property managers with a new suite of tools for capacity and coverage inside the commercial office property and high-traffic venue.

2.  Contribute to the industry and your colleagues: Infrastructure, especially in a distributed 5G environment that encompasses towers, small cells, fiber, edge computing and indoor networks – is poised for an incredible decade. Attend Connect X to contribute to, and participate in, a professional community that impacts nearly every aspect of business, government and consumer life.

1. View from the Top: What are the challenges and opportunities that the CEOs of industry leaders see this year? Hear from Crown Castle, American Tower, Vertical Bridge and SBA as they discuss the state of the industry and their plans to monetize 5G with a variety of infrastructure investments.

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