Tower and Better Reception Still Not a “Shore” Thing for Vero Beach

The construction of a planned tower in Vero Beach has been delayed again as project manager Datapath tries to secure leasing deals with telecom companies including AT&T and Verizon, reported Vero News. The tower was originally scheduled to be completed this April.

The town needs two carriers to lease space on the tower long term to provide area residents with better reception before construction can commence. The planned monopole will stand 115-feet high and can support up to five carriers. Once construction on the tower begins, it will take two to three months to complete.

In the meantime, since coverage issues have existed for the better part of a decade, area residents and the Public Safety Department have invested in devices that boost signals enough to make or receive important calls inside a house or from emergency response vehicles. Some residents who do not have access to these devices must walk outside of their homes to acquire enough service to use their smartphones.

Negotiation with the telecom companies is the responsibility of Datapath and the time frame for negotiating the best price with carriers has long past, due to delays in construction, according to Vero News. Now, the town is more concerned about obtaining better coverage than receiving the most money from leasing space on the tower.

Frustrated Mayor Brian Barefoot commented, “It’s not about the money anymore.”

July 10, 2017      


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