Tower Climber Spots Missing Kids


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In Hamilton County, TN, tower worker Corey Fitzpatrick called the police after spotting Hannah Musgrave, 7, and her brother, Gideon, 4, who had been missing overnight. Fitzpatrick spoke with Vince Lennon of WRCB-TV about the experience. “I mean we didn’t do anything,” says Fitzpatrick. “The dog led them out of the woods, that guy up there heard the dog and came down to talk to them and then we called the police,” said Fitzpatrick. The man he is referring to, Eric Elliot, was the tower climber who spotted the children. He was installing new equipment on a tower at Mowbray Mountain. The workers were alerted to the search for the children by a Soddy Daisy Police Officer while on their way to the site. The children went chasing after their dog the evening before and spent the night in the woods. Sometimes you just can’t beat a view from above.

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