Tower Masters: a Talk With “Digital Infrastructure Entrepreneur” Jimmy Chiles


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Join Inside Towers Managing Editor Jim Fryer in this third installment of “Tower Masters.” This series focuses on the men and women who, for decades, have not only survived, but thrived as independent operators in the wireless infrastructure field.

Inside Towers talks with longtime developer in the wireless infrastructure space, Jimmy Chiles. Although Chiles is now an Operating Partner with Digital Bridge, his career spans the gamut from 600-site towerco owner to founding and developing several fiber and data center operations.

Chiles began his career in the late ‘70’s with Motorola and went on to found Netlink, a facilities based 850 MHz CMRS operator which he sold to Sprint in 1999. He then started TPI, a provider of metro fiber and enterprise data centers he later sold to ExteNet Systems. Next was his towerco venture, Broadcast Towers, which sold to Global Signal (now Crown Castle). Following that, Chiles founded Aspen Communications, an ethernet based metro fiber business in Dallas, then Alpheus, a provider of metro fiber and enterprise data centers. Most recently, prior to joining DigitalBridge, Chiles was an Executive VP with ExteNet. (Whew!)

Listen in on this lively half-hour discussion between two long-time acquaintances in the industry as they cover the myriad of issues facing the tower sector. Hear this and much more on the podcast, available on our website, Amazon Music, Spotify and iTunes.

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