Tower Safety & Instruction Releases New Video


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Kathy Gill’s tower safety learning center in Phoenix covers a lot of ground, not just vertically but in the breadth of the disciplines she covers. Her latest safety video gives an overview of her instruction and what she feels motivates her students. The training courses cover fall protection, safety, rescue and, according to Gill, “making sure the quality of what they learn here helps prepare them for what’s ahead.” She said she loves to see the attentiveness in class as they literally ‘learn the ropes.’

“I can’t wait to see them succeed,” she said. “You can see the enthusiasm.” Tower Safety & Instruction is the only woman-owned training facility in the U.S. and Gill cites some great role models that helped her along the way. She mentioned Del Stewart and Pat Barr as mentors as she grew in her knowledge of the wireless construction industry. To her, fear is a key learning tool. “It’s more powerful than love,” Gill said, “so to me that feeling of fear should never go away, especially with tower climbers. You can use it to drive you, to motivate you, to get you to do things you didn’t know were possible.” Watch the video here.

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