Tower Tested After Fish Die


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A cell tower placed on top of Deering High School in Portland, Maine, caused some concerns after fish kept in the classroom right below the tower kept dying. The tower was installed in 2006, and Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk said these were the first complaints he’d heard about the structure.  Ali Abedi, a University of Maine associate professor of electrical and computer engineering who has done wireless communication research for almost 20 years told the Portland Press Herald, “Maybe if (the fish) spent a lot of time on the surface,” Abedi said, noting that no conclusions could be reached unless experiments on the fish were done in a controlled, scientific manner. “I really doubt this is the cause of the fish dying.” Caulk said he ordered the tests to be conducted after a May 27 meeting of the teachers and district officials. U.S. Cellular did tests on the tower on May 29, he said, but the district decided to get a third-party analysis and hired C Square Systems in Auburn, New Hampshire, to conduct a four-hour test on Tuesday, according to the Portland Press Herald.

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