Tower Too Short


The Mattituck Fire Department in New York currently used the 85-foot tower to communicate with its 115 volunteers across town. However, the tower is too small and ambulances and fire trucks often pick up static when trying to relay messages. Fire district manager John Harrison said to solve the problem, they must replace the wooden tower with a steel tower that is 120 feet tall. “By adding height to our antennas, we’re going to have a greater ability to transmit to our ambulances — especially our ambulances that go out of town to Riverhead and Greenport,” he said. (Suffolk Times) The tower proposal is being discussed by the Town Planning Board, and if approved, would be built by Elite Towers. The old wooden pole would be removed, and replaced with the new structure, which would have room for carriers to co-locate. Elite Towers would give a percentage of the rent from carriers to the district, who would save it to pay for tower maintenance. The tower would be designed to house all the equipment inside to make it more visually appealing. Elite Towers will need a variance from the Planning Board before moving forward since it exceed the 80-foot height limit the town imposes.

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