Tower Utility Knife Quickly Removes Cold Shrink Tubing From Cable


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For those of you tired of using a box cutter or pocket knife, Gamma Electronics has developed the Tower Utility Knife, (or T.U.K.), designed to help eliminate the issues conventional blades have removing cold shrink tubing from cables. The T.U.K.’s  2-blade design, protects the cable and also reduces the risk of injury to operators.

Gamma says the 2-blade system makes cutting efficient and safe and can remove cold shrink in less than a minute without damaging the cable or connector. The primary blade has a small lip that allows it to slide underneath cold shrink tubing while making sure the blade never cuts into the cable.

Once you reach the connector you can rotate to the precision blade which allows you to make the precise cuts needed to fully remove the cold shrink.  When done with the precision blade, rotate back to the primary blade to safely “TUK”  the blades away.

The Tower Utility Knife ($89.00) is available in black or blue and will start shipping December 1, 2020. Makes a great Christmas gift for those tower climbers in your life!  To order, click here.

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