Towering Companies Amidst the 5G “Tomorrowland”


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Wandering through the Jetsons-like 5G landscape of the future that was the Convention Center floor in Los Angeles yesterday, we came across a relic of…the present: a tower. The good people of Ericsson saw fit to put up a reminder of how this hi-tech wave of wearables and IoT began, complete with actual tower climbers to remind New Agers of the human element in this whole equation.

Ericsson was staging a live demonstration of what takes place around the U.S. in what they call their “Centers of Excellence,” where all future tower climbers spend four weeks in training. The center outside Plano, TX, for instance, features a 120-foot monopole and a 185-foot self supporter. The training covers microwave alignment, safety, climbing principles, technical scope and using test equipment. Once in the field, the graduates get further instruction in automated virtual site support.

October 25, 2019

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