Towers Come Down in Georgia  


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Two towers built in the 1940s came down last week in Albany, Georgia. “These are actually ship masts, they were made out of iron in Savannah and brought over here and made into two towers,” said Robert Combs, Regional Engineering Coordinator for Cumulus Broadcasting. (WFXL-TV) The towers used to house equipment from WALG-FM, but needed to come down since the rust had built up inside them and they were unsafe to climb. “We’re actually going to make an antenna on this tower, it’s called a folded unipole and we’re going to broadcast off of it. The same tower that Q101.7 is on,” Combs said. (WFXL-TV) WALG was the first radio station in the area, and many disc jocks got their start. “I started my career here at WALG working overnight,” said Don Rivers, a former WALG Disc Jockey. Rivers who was in the area to see family said he came to witness the nostalgic moment. “Came to see them come down its kind of sad,” Rivers said. “But it’s just kind of nostalgic. I would come out here when I come to town,” he added. (WFXL-TV)

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