Travelling Through Space the Musk-y Way


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Soaring through the stars is romantic and fanciful, and potentially profitable for Elon Musk, speculates The Motley Fool. As SpaceX continues to reach for the skies, it is also grappling with ways to turn space exploration and expansion into cash. Space internet could be early on its list of accomplishments.

Starlink, essentially an orbiting internet connection composed of 12,000 satellites, aims to bring affordable, far-reaching broadband to a global audience, Inside Towers reported. The Motley Fool estimates that if plans continue to move forward as projected, Starlink could be both operational and well into the black by 2022. The $2 billion in funds earned by earthlings communicating with each other, would also help build more rockets to Mars and beyond.

A man with a vision, Musk has travel to the moon and the red planet in his sights. Just as adventurers a century ago were racing for the unexplored regions of the North and South Poles, Elon Musk is one of the leaders that plans to head into space and seeks to make a lot of money in the process.

June 10, 2019

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