TWR Shines Throughout the Tower Industry


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By Eleanor Snite

TWR Lighting Inc. was started in 1981 by the owner of a tower erection company who was purchasing the lights as needed for projects from various light manufacturers. It wasn’t long before he decided to start manufacturing his own lighting products and tweaking them to make them more user friendly. Sandra Prewitt, Director of Marketing, said the result was better pricing, inventory on the shelf and products that are user friendly. TWR’s original office was located in an industrial/residential area of Houston with offices in a house and a workshop area in the garage used for manufacturing. Today they have a 42,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, warehouse and office space. They currently have 50 employees at their Houston facility, a sales office in Mexico and representatives worldwide.

TWR’s focus has always been communication towers, but over the years it has diversified to broadcast, utilities and even wind turbines.  In 1990, a foundry was added at the Houston-based company, and TWR was able to manufacture castings for light fixtures and other products such as junction boxes. They sell their light kits to tower manufacturers, contractors and owners of towers. “They can buy everything needed to put lights on their tower from the ground up,” Prewitt said. “TWR manufactures a full line of LED, Strobe, Incandescent and Monitoring Products, ranging from low intensity to the High Intensity Lights Systems”.  They also stock and sell spare parts for all their products. TWR has grown into a global organization and supplies its products worldwide.

The major challenge these days is the worldwide competition – there’s more of it now, Prewitt said. In 1981, there were just a few US manufacturers to compete with and now there are competitors from Europe and Asia as well, she said. But Prewitt isn’t worried about the competition. “We make sure we have quality products and inventory to fill customers orders,” she said. “We have unbeatable, 24/7/365 technical support.” Prewitt credits the employees and the corporate culture for much of the company’s success. She said all of the employees know what the goals are and what the bottom line is. They all understand that ultimately producing a quality product and providing quality customer service is key to TWR’s success. It’s an open company and the atmosphere is kept informal. Management keeps employees informed about what’s going on at TWR and in the industry. “For the foreseeable future, TWR is focused on a diversified domestic market while continuing to increase business in all foreign markets as well,” Raymond Kraemer, vice president and chief operating officer, said.

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