U.S. Cellular and IoT Americas Team Up For “Smart Farming”


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U.S. Cellular announced last week it has teamed up with Internet of Things America LLC (IoT America) to provide an enhanced suite of IoT solutions for business customers and rural communities. The customers range from growers and ranchers to small towns and light industry.  The carrier said they are hoping to provide “solutions designed to increase efficiency, yield, productivity and safety, while reducing operating costs.”

“IoT doesn’t have to be difficult, and with our track record of high-quality network service, we can ensure that farms of all sizes and functions have access to the technology they need to be successful,” said Scott Scheuber, director of emerging product and services management at U.S. Cellular.

U.S. Cellular and IoT America hope to provide smart farming solutions for farmers and ranchers to deliver higher yields and efficiencies to enhance day-to-day operations. Initially, IoT America will begin with asset tracking and tank monitoring solutions for U.S. Cellular customers. Asset Tracking includes outdoor applications as well as Lone Worker identification capabilities. The Tank Monitoring solutions highlight diesel tank, propane tank and water tank monitoring. Additionally, Tank Monitoring allows for reduced truck rolls from delivery companies, increased time utilization for both family farm operations and large co-ops, and better facility performance and uptime for livestock and machinery.

October 1, 2018

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