U.S. Cellular Launches New Towers Division For Collocation


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U.S. Cellular, the fifth-largest full-service wireless carrier in the United States, has recently launched a new division to facilitate collocation across its portfolio: U.S. Cellular Towers. As the 4th largest established tower owner in the nation, their portfolio of over 4,200 macro towers across 21 states is poised for collocation partnerships to offer reliable coverage “In the Middle of Anywhere.”

Partnering with Pyramid Network Services to market and facilitate the collocation process, the newly formed U.S. Cellular Towers team is ready to work with collocators, offering a seamless experience anywhere a U.S. Cellular tower exists.

“At Pyramid, cellular co-locations are our priority, and we have a dedicated team to ensure our customers have a reliable experience,” said Jenine Renaud, National Director Collocation. “We’re thrilled to partner with U.S. Cellular on collocation to align with carrier partners and non-traditional collocations to help make 5G advancement a reality.”

According to Renaud, with stabilized network and coverage objectives, now is the time for carriers to open up space on existing and new towers to deploy 5G networks. The U.S. Cellular Towers team is ready to work with carriers to collocate on any of U.S. Cellular’s 4,200 plus towers.

We act as a sub-staff for U.S. Cellular. Interested collocators will submit their applications into [email protected]. From there, the team at Pyramid ensures that the application process runs smoothly for all players involved,” said Renaud. “The U.S. Cellular Towers Team at Pyramid keeps the client informed throughout the process aiming to meet the applicants’ timeline goals and colocation objectives along the way.”

The U.S. Cellular Towers team has a broad scope, each of their team members are positioned to make decisions quickly, plus pivot and change processes on a dime. “When you work with the U.S. Cellular Towers team you can be assured that these industry professionals understand the full impact of decisions they make at all process milestones. Their goal is to keep applicant informed and deliver on time; plus provide top-notch customer service.”

The U.S. Cellular Towers team is ready to make collocation a reality across the entire U.S. Cellular tower portfolio, covering 21 states. To review U.S. Cellular’s full tower portfolio, visit https://www.uscellular.com/tower-locator/index.html.

If you have questions before submitting an application email: [email protected]. And for more information, you can reach out directly to Jenine Renaud, National Director of Collocation via email ([email protected]or at (314) 922-6535.

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