UbiHub Smart City Technology Moves Into Town


Fort Lauderdale, FL-based Ubicquia Inc., has announced its new UbiHub platform system is designed to impact the landscape on the smart city scene. As GovTech reports, UbiHub is equipped to assist with multi-functional capabilities like cameras and license plate readers that can help a city monitor and adjust traffic flow. Ubicquia also describes UbiHub as easy to install and compatible with many existing technologies.

“Our UbiHub is the ‘Swiss army knife’ of intelligent infrastructure for cities and utilities,” stated Ubicquia CEO, Ian Aaron. “Whether you need to scale the deployment of cameras and license plate readers across multiple vendors or simply expand broadband in commercial areas and parks, UbiHub is the only multi-function product in the market that installs in seconds and delivers data in minutes.”

The company describes UbiHub AP6 as a triband Wi-Fi 6 Access Point that includes the ability to enable public WiFi. In addition to hosting equipment like cameras and license plate readers, the UbiHub AP/AI also integrates dual 4K cameras and directional microphones. The inclusion of a neural AI processor for street analytics and a video storage capacity of up to 15 days.

UbiHub is designed to connect to a city’s streetlight system via a photo socket plug, which allows a city to install it quickly and without pole construction costs. Ubicquia touts UbiHub as a “smart city workhorse.”

“The City of Ontario, CA recently deployed 12,500 UbiCells for smart lighting analytics and energy savings,” noted Ron Ivie, President of Telcon Services, LLC. “They are continuing to invest in their community by rolling out public WiFi that supports the digital divide and public safety in an all-in-one platform with UbiHub.”

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