By Eleanor Snite

Parallel Infrastructure has been around in one form or another in Florida since the late 1800s, and now it is a tower company. Its services include right-of-way infrastructure management and development, tower building services from A to Z, and operating and maintaining. In February of 2011, Parallel Infrastructure started putting telecom towers on the 371 miles of right of way from Jacksonville to Miami owned by Florida East Coast Railway, and it was immediately a huge success. National exposure increased dramatically, and the company increased its staff adding more industry experts.

Ed Myers, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, said 40 percent of the population of Florida is within five miles of FECI’s right-of-way. The towers are all owned and maintained by Parallel. “But we don’t put all our towers on railroad right-of-way,” said Yannis Macheras, President of Telecommunications. “That’s a misconception. We build them anywhere a carrier has a need. We hunt a solution, ID a location and take it from there.” In addition to over 4,000 miles of real estate all over the country, Parallel recently signed an exclusive contract with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway of Fort Worth, Texas, which operates 32,000 miles of railroad right-of-way, to operate their 900 existing towers. Parellel’s sales people are already shopping the BNSF site locations to carriers. “We continue to pursue strategic real estate relationships from all sources – railways, government or private property,” Macheras said. “Our focus for right now is the United States.”