US Ignite Unveils Federal Funding Opportunity Tool for Communities


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To help communities across the country navigate federal grant opportunities for broadband and smart city projects – including new programs created under the $110 billion American Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act –  US Ignite unveiled the new “Federal Funding Opportunity Tool.” The tool is designed to help community leaders seeking federal funding target the grants that best match their needs based on areas of investment interest, funding availability, and funding requirements.

“Our goal is to simplify the process of finding relevant opportunities.” Lee Davenport, Director of Community Development, US Ignite. “Federal funding programs are complex, and we know that communities need support to navigate the different grant programs that exist,” said Lee Davenport, Director of Community Development at US Ignite. “Our goal is to simplify the process of finding relevant opportunities, and in doing so, help communities use federal dollars to drive local economic growth, close the digital divide, and create smarter communities as a whole.” Continue Reading

US Ignite developed the Federal Funding Opportunity Tool to enhance its existing Federal Funding Opportunities Database. This database originated with funding from the Knight Foundation and now curates listings of federal programs with grants to support various broadband and smart city projects. 

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