Valle Verde del Norte, AZ Residents Miffed by Approval of Verizon Tower Project


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After a year of protests by residents, The Sahuarita Town Council voted to allow construction of a 70-foot monopole camouflaged as a eucalyptus tree by SBA Communications on behalf of Verizon, reported the Green Valley News. As the final vote was cast at the council meeting, distressed residents proclaimed, “This is our homes, our lives!”

Some of the usual concerns were cited by residents since the project was initially proposed in August 2016, including worries related to studies linking cell phone towers to cancer clusters, noting other sites weren’t properly vetted, overall safety and fear that property values will decrease.

To ease concerns, Liz Walker, speaking on behalf of SBA Communications and Verizon, noted that it’s in Verizon’s best interests to maintain upkeep on their equipment and suggested signs might be installed at the site with a number to call in case of emergencies.

Vice Mayor Melissa Hicks who voted in favor of the tower, said of the project, “There’s just no doubt we’re going to have to continue getting more coverage and better coverage.”

October 26, 2017

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