Vancomm Introduces Universal Monopole Corner Bracket


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Vancomm recently released a new, universal monopole corner bracket to the wireless infrastructure market. The bracket can be used to reinforce handrails on existing three-sided and four-sided platforms.

“This will save numerous custom designs and hours in the field drilling and cutting,” says Michael Moskowitz, Managing Partner at Vancomm. “It ultimately gives the tower owner, carrier, EOR, and installer peace of mind and one reliable product that works across multiple applications, streamlining the final PMI.”

The bracket is adjustable for required spacing from the corner of the platform and fits pipe handrails from 2-3/8” OD to 3-1/2” OD. It will provide consistency across sites, according to Moskowitz. Note, the U-Bolts are sold separately.

Vancomm is a supplier of communications site infrastructure materials, and one of the nation’s premier custom fabricators of antenna mounts, equipment frames and custom components to fit site-specific requirements. New-Jersey based Vancomm has “Anything you want – any way you want it. Build not destroy.”

For more details about Vancomm’s new product, email [email protected]

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