Verizon’s Development Hub Produces New 5G Use Cases


Verizon and Centech, a business incubator based in Montreal, have announced the first group of participants in the 5G Development Hub that was launched in May 2022. Several companies worked with Verizon personnel to create new 5G use cases, incorporating 5G and mobile edge compute (MEC)-enabled technologies into their services. The solutions were tested on Bell’s 5G network and mobile edge computing platform with mentoring from Centech.

The cohort is integrating 5G with mixed reality (MR), deep learning, robotics, asset tracking, and sensor processing applications. The participating companies include Kognitive Spark, I-50, Haply Robotics, Edgecom, SmartCone, Edgecom Energy, FuseForward and Peytec.  

 The speed and throughput of 5G is allowing Kognitive Spark to increase the performance of its RemoteSpark MR platform, allowing for higher resolution video calls and near-real time transfer of digital assets. 5G allows problems in manual manufacturing production operations to be detected by I-50 in near real-time. Haply Robotics uses the low latency of 5G to enable near real-time control of robots with haptic feedback. 

  SmartCone, an IoT-connected ecosystem company, used 5G to move processing and sensor fusion capabilities from its SmartCone device to MEC, which allows for greater communication and information sharing between devices. Edgecom Energy, which provides custom hardware and software solutions to reduce energy costs and emissions for large energy users, tapped into the low latency of 5G to monitor energy use and control connected devices in near real-time. 

FuseForward, which offers an edge-secure data and analytics platform, expanded its smart campus analytical capabilities with 5G. Sensors were integrated in areas without a wired connection and live video analytics were streamed across 5G and processed using MEC.

Peytec, which provides hyper-accurate sensing solutions for location tracking, virtualized its master scheduling nodes using the low latency of 5G and MEC to reduce hardware costs for asset tracking, while also simplifying deployment and maintenance.

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