Virginia-based Milestone Communications Rebrands to Milestone Towers


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Virginia-based Milestone Communications announced today that it has rebranded to Milestone Towers. For 20 years, Milestone Communications has developed and managed thousands of wireless tower properties throughout the mid-Atlantic region to deliver wireless connectivity to communities and increase public safety. Milestone Towers will continue to service wireless carriers, municipalities and property owners with the same level of commitment and professionalism.

“The updates we’ve made celebrate the evolution of our company since its founding in 2001 and reinforce the core values that continue to serve as the foundation for our growth,” says Len Forkas, founder and president at Milestone Towers. “Who we are today can largely be attributed to the unwavering faith, support, and input from our valued customers and strategic partners.”

In addition to the new name, Milestone Towers has an updated look. “The original tower logo symbolized the beacon of wireless connectivity aligned with Milestone Tower’s mission. The new tower logo is an audacious upgrade to that same mission, further demonstrating our innovative approach to wireless infrastructure. The typeface and colors reflect our team’s approach to their work: bold, professional and approachable,” says Bri Werkheiser, Business Operations Marketing Manager.

Milestone Towers leverages public and private partnerships to deliver innovative wireless solutions to its partners.

  • Carriers– Develop and manage creative solutions in hard-to-access areas to help grow wireless networks.
  • Municipalities– Help increase community connectivity and public safety while offering new streams of revenue.
  • Property Owners– Provide innovative infrastructure solutions that create value for tenants and investors.

With 50 property owners, 155 structure collocations, 2,600 new build opportunities, and 8,000 powerline locations, Milestone Towers offers innovative infrastructure solutions and managing towers to garner optimal leasing results. To learn more about Milestone Towers, visit its new site:

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