SCI Towers Cleared To Build 170’ Tower Near Charlotte


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The local zoning board and then the Lincoln County, NC board of commissioners last week gave unanimous approval for the Palm City, FL tower company to erect a 170 ­foot structure near Lake Norman on the same property that became controversial for its proposed 26,000–panel solar farm.

The tower will go up behind a concrete plant, landowner Gary Dellinger told the Charlotte Observer. “It’s back in the woods,” Dellinger said, adding that trees will conceal all but 70 feet of the tower. He added that nearby homeowners “are not going to see it.”

A handful of residents against the tower proposal attended the meeting but reportedly dispersed satisfied once they learned that the tower would be out of their sight. For Dellinger, it appears that growing towers is a lot easier than catching the sun. He’s been battling local authorities since 2013 to get approved to build the solar farm. For now, he’s using the 36­ acre parcel to raise soybeans.

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