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When it comes to providing end-to-end site solutions throughout the telecom industry, WANHO Manufacturing & Logistics is not a name that immediately comes to mind. However, WANHO has been leading the way as the premier OEM manufacturing and fulfillment solutions provider many in the tower industry have unknowingly relied upon for decades.

Many an industry old-timer will recall, WANHO’s American roots originating from its legacy construction company, Microwave Tower Services, a company whose reputation was built on a foundation of quality, integrity, and service. Always adapting, its deep entrepreneurial spirit and extensive application knowledge provided the segue into MTS Wireless Components, a leading manufacturer of private-labeled products, most notably combining universal design solutions with simplified installation techniques. Demand for its innovative products and value-added services continued driving its expanding global footprint, including manufacturing, staging and fulfillment centers in Singapore, Taiwan and The Netherlands, complementing its largest manufacturing, assembly and fulfillment center headquartered in the United States (HQ: Cheshire, CT). While the MTS name was eventually absorbed through a series of industry mergers and acquisitions, its core manufacturing division remained with its original American owners who adapted the name of their Taiwan subsidiary, WANHO Manufacturing.

Within its U.S. operation, WANHO centralizes core global functions such as manufacturing process controls, quality procedures, product design and development and optimized sourcing platforms. However, equally important to WANHO’s ever expanding portfolio of NexGen product solutions, is its regional logistics and value-added fulfillment platforms. Here, WANHO combines global volumes and standardized processes with supply-chain optimization and freight consolidation to achieve the most cost-effective regional staging and fulfillment models servicing The Americas, Europe and Asia, with further expansion on the horizon.

We can all agree today’s industry is experiencing its most rapid growth cycles due to the convergence of global communication platforms and the deployment of 5G technology across an evolving array of overlapping applications. Demand for instant access and transfer of voice, video and data will only accelerate the need for innovative cost-saving approaches to satisfy the unique deployment demands challenging us all.

Today, WANHO remains uniquely positioned as the world’s leading provider of private-labeled products and value-added services to the telecom and tower sectors’ most recognized OEMs. So, while you may not immediately recall their name, WANHO’s brand remains synonymous with its slogan, representing their long legacy of dedication, quality, and service to the tower sector and all it encompasses. No doubt their slogan is one we can all come to recognize and appreciate … “Consider it Done!”

For more information, contact [email protected], or call 203-759-3744.

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