What’s the Hubbub Over Smart Hubs?


American Tower and Citybeacon formed a global partnership to develop a multifunction smart hub, which will facilitate communication between cities, residents, and local businesses across numerous mobile networks. The smart hub pairs wireless network densification with smart city applications like IoT sensors, to monitor the environment, emergency communications services, and digital advertising and to enhance security and overall wireless connectivity. Citybeacon successfully rolled out a similar network in Amsterdam, which includes “intelligent” street objects, a network of surveillance cameras, smart lighting, and Gigabit WiFi, making life in a smart city seamlessly interconnected, according to AmsterdamSmartCity.com.

Steven Marshall, President of U.S. Tower, a division of American Tower, stated last week, the smart hub will help facilitate wireless networks’ transition to 5G. “This innovative solution provides wireless real estate, hiding in the form of a streamlined multifunction smart hub, to be deployed quickly and efficiently,” Marshall said.

Citybeacon CEO Arthur Van De Poll added: “The goal at Citybeacon is to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. The alliance with American Tower will provide a complete digital city solution that will include the ability to provide wireless broadband, the backbone of connected technology and a key requirement for any smart city.”

March 7, 2018

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