Who Benefits the Most?


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The potential Dish/T-Mobile merger dominated the news last week, but speculation and analysis aren’t done yet. Alexander Eule of Barons noted who might benefit the most from this deal, “In the near term, Crown Castle is the most obvious beneficiary of a deal, according to New Street Research. American Tower is the largest of the tower companies, but Crown Castle does more business with T-Mobile; its equipment hangs on some 15,000 Crown Castle sites, versus 8,000 for American Tower, and 5,000 for SBA.” Analysts at New Street Research speculated the deal is likely to be approved. “If consummated, it is highly likely to be approved. Not only does it present none of the issues raised in Comcast, Charter or AT&T deals as to high-speed broadband, but it arguably provides a stronger competitor to the companies that will emerge from the other deals,” Jonathan Chaplin of New Street Research wrote.

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