Wireless Water Cooler Chats With FCC’s Top Legal Eagle Over 9th Circuit Ruling


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When an event like the court ruling that occurred on August 12 is hailed as a “major victory” by the FCC Chairman and a “game changer” by others, it deserves a deeper dive.

The 9th Circuit Court issued an industry-favorable ruling in the face of strong opposition by a collaboration of cities and utilities across the country. The man in court speaking for the FCC, General Counsel Thomas Johnson, Jr., Esq., met with Jonathan and Jim at the Wireless Water Cooler this week to give his insider view of what it means for wireless infrastructure moving forward. How will this expedite the rollout of 5G? What new advantages do developers have? Does the opposition still have some wiggle room?

Tune in to our lively and informative chat on our website, Spotify or iTunes.

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