Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum Launches New Recognition Program


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The Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum (WWLF) announced the launch of its New Recognition Program featuring WWLF’s Woman of the Year Award.  Nominations for the annual award will be open to all active members of WWLF later this year.

“The Woman of the Year Award will be bestowed upon a woman who has had great achievements, made increasingly significant contributions throughout her career to her company and the overall wireless industry,” said Amelia DeJesus, President of WWLF. DeJesus said the candidate should be a true leader, have ten or more years of wireless industry experience, breaking through “that proverbial glass ceiling” and show great resolve to help others along their path. “This woman is leading the way for the next generation of women,” DeJesus said.

“As part of this WWLF Recognition program, we will recognize and honor those women who through their significant contributions and achievements, overall impact and outstanding character, serve as role models for career women. These women demonstrate a commitment and passion that advances the promotion of women in our industry.”


  • Serves as a role model and mentor to colleagues and others;
  • Leads authentically with unwavering passion and commitment to her values and fearlessly with a sense of purpose and vision.
  • Exhibits a high level of knowledge, skill and professionalism regarding facets of the wireless industry;
  • Exhibits continued investment in her own professional, technical and personal growth;
  • Demonstrates impactful accomplishments and overcome adversity;
  • Contributes significantly to the transformation of her organization through creativity or innovation;
  • Serves as a catalyst to help advance others at her organization;
  • Exhibits commitment to the industry’s professional activities through community activity, professional society involvement, company volunteer groups, etc.;
  • Encourages and invests in mentoring others in the wireless industry;
  • Demonstrates a proven track record of success in contributing to her company and the wireless industry;
  • Holds a current membership in WWLF.

January 4, 2019

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