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T-Mobile Unlikely to Partner With Others

Kevin Smithen at Macquarie Securities recently commented that, in his view, T-Mobile is unlikely to partner with anyone other than Dish Network in the near future. “We see limited operational synergies between Altice/Suddenlink, and a U.S. wireless player and the lack of meaningful FCF [free cash flow], and upcoming spectrum needs at T-Mo might make the asset less attractive to Altice anyway,” Smithen wrote. “For Comcast, an outright purchase of a wireless network is possible, but likely premature at this point; we believe the company is likely to focus on returning capital to shareholders in the near-term.


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Connected Cars Could Cause Data Traffic Jams

Reuters recently reported that data traffic jams are likely to happen with the connected car, “By 2024, mobile networks will see machine-to-machine (M2M) connections jump 10-fold to 2.3 billion from 250 million in 2014. Half these links will be automotive, said the study published on Thursday by Machina Research. On the roads, about one in five vehicles worldwide will have some form of wireless network connection by 2020, or more than a quarter of a billion connected vehicles, according to a forecast from technology research firm Gartner.”


Roaming Battles between AT&T and T-Mobile

By Michelle Choi, an insider at Lease Advisors

In June 2014, AT&T announced its plans to acquire the assets, operations, subscribers, and spectrum of Plateau Wireless, a carrier providing wireless service across eastern New Mexico and West Texas. While the FCC has yet to approve the acquisition, T-Mobile has requested that the FCC ensure that AT&T honors its existing roaming agreement with Plateau Wireless.


Big Win for Wireless

By Lynn Whitcher, Md7 

Citing the zoning board’s reliance on the wrong legal standard, as well as the extensive evidence in support of the need for the facility, in a rare move, the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts decided Tuesday to bypass trial and instead ordered the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Falmouth to issue an approval for a 150-foot monopole facility. See Industrial Tower and Wireless, LLC v. Haddad