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California Community Confronts Crown Castle

Residents in La Jolla, California, blocked a crew from Crown Castle who were on site to install a wireless antenna on Monday. The tower company was replacing a light pole with a cell tower near David Haney’s property when residents parked their cars to block the work site and stood together to protest the project. Haney told KSWB-TV that he had been fighting the tower since 2014 when he first contacted city councilwoman Sherri Lightner. Lightner told Haney that Crown Castle would have to go before the city council before anything progressed, but Haney and other neighbors had previously been told that Crown Castle already had an agreement in place with the city.


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Complications Abound

Kevin Smithen at Macquarie Securities recently noted that a fall in Dish Network shares would further complicate deal negotiations. “We have been surprised that T-Mobile shares have remained in the $39-$40 range over the past few weeks despite a 10% pullback in Dish Network shares over the past four weeks,” Smithen wrote. “We continue to believe that there is a $4-$5 deal premium embedded in T-Mo shares and that the ‘unaffected’ share price is $34-$35.”


PCIA Submits Comments to FCC on State of Competition

On Monday, PCIA —The Wireless Infrastructure Association submitted comments in response to the FCC’s Public Notice seeking comment on the state of competition in the mobile wireless industry. “Investment in wireless infrastructure powers not only direct effects—better, faster wireless service and additional telecommunications jobs—but also propels other positive, indirect effects, such as improving efficiency and enhancing productivity of existing businesses and enabling new businesses to provide innovative new services,” the comments read.


AT&T Withdraws Application

AT&T and TowerCo have withdrawn their application to build a tower in Branford, Connecticut. The two companies delivered a letter to the Connecticut Siting Council on June 25 formally withdrawing the request to build a 134-foot tower, even though the application had been reviewed and would have been deemed complete by the Council later that day. Many residents opposed this structure, and were vocal about their opinions. “It would just destroy my home value,” resident Matt Gilman said. “No one is going to buy a house with a 150-foot object in the backyard.”


Wed, July 1, 2015

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