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Analyst: Why 5G Won’t Happen (At Least Not Any Time Soon)

5g ballThe new marketing buzzword across media platforms is “5G”. With the growth of the telecom sector over the past decade, the general public has come to expect innovation as inevitable, and thus 5G has become the presumed future of the industry.

But not so fast, said Peter White, Principal Analyst and Founder at Rethink Technology Research.



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Tower Debate In New York State Reaches Its Highest Court

auction gavelThere are several tower debates happening in New York State, the first being over three possible 180-foot towers in Rensselaerville. The controversy with that tower has reached the New York State Supreme Court as residents in nearby areas have mixed reviews regarding aesthetics and functionality of the tower.

The Altamont Enterprise reported that the Albany County Sheriff’s Department wanted three towers in the southern part of the county to help first responders, but those particularly in Rensselaerville and Berne were vocal about their opposition.


Montgomery County Council Debates Small Cells In Bethesda

The city of Bethesda, MD’s county council recently held a public hearing regarding changing zoning laws in the city for wireless companies who want to mount small antennas.

At the hearing, wireless providers presented their side of the story and answered questions from residents regarding radiation concerns, the new approval process, where small cells would be installed, possible property value diminution and if that many towers were actually necessary. One resident asked about installing fiber optic as an alternative and prohibiting where the antennas and poles would be located regarding distance to homes.


Towers As Docking Stations For Drone Deliveries?

uav-914879__180A patent application, filed July 12, showed drones going in and out of “tiny depots perched on light poles or telecommunications towers, carrying packages bound for a broad geographical region,” USA Today reported. Drones would stop at strategically placed docking stations on cell towers, utility poles church steeples and more, not necessarily fly directly to customers’ houses. The final leg of the package delivery would then come via ground—for now. Additionally, the docking stations could come with solar panels to generate power.


Mon, July 25, 2016

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