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Wheeler Signs Off: Worries About Undoing of Open Internet…and More

wheeler at aspen instOutgoing FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says it wouldn’t be easy to undo much of the regulations the FCC passed under his tenure. Speaking from The Aspen Institute think tank on Friday, the former telecom lobbyist listed opening up spectrum for 5G deployment, “nearing completion of the world’s first incentive auction” and improvements in 911 and cybersecurity as accomplishments. (see story below for Wheeler’s comments on zero-rating policies)

He made an impassioned argument against relaxing or undoing the Open Internet and Net Neutrality regs.



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Bucolic Lancaster Shuns Tower Development

Lancaster, PA Mayor Rick Gray is worried, according to lancasteronline. Gray told his City Council last week that wireless industry operatives plan to strip state municipalities of their power to regulate where cell towers can be located.

Using the Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act developed by the major carriers, tower companies and trade associations, Gray said, would create a standard for erecting wireless infrastructure in public rights-of-way, and bypass local laws.

“A wireless contractor would be permitted by state law to install 120-foot towers along any roads, including those in residential areas,” Gray said to lancasteronline. “In addition, it would ‘effectively eliminate’ municipalities’ ability to assess fees on installations,” he said. “The wireless industry is well financed and has hired numerous lobbyists to secure passage of this bill,” he said.  


Dig Into the LAN Data and Improve Your Network Health

Analyzing data from wireless LAN reports can be helpful in understanding what’s happening, and why. Data contained in wireless LAN reports can help network administrators spot trouble and better understand what is happening on their networks. Reviewing traffic patterns, for example, will help in capacity planning, as well as sometimes surface the unanticipated — with the end result being a healthier network.


Pre-Earnings Housekeeping of the Infrastructure Space: Zayo and SBA

It’s that time of the year according to Nick Del Deo, analyst with MoffettNathanson. “The beginning of January, before Q4 earnings are reported, is a good time to take stock of news and events that transpired around the end of the year and incorporate them into our company models. While nothing earth shattering happened in the communications infrastructure space during this time, there are some important and interesting items to note,” Del Deo said.


Cleveland Extends Moratorium On Cell Towers In Response to New State Bill

UPDATE  Last month the Ohio State legislature passed a bill, nicknamed the ‘Christmas Tree Bill’, aimed to streamline the application of small cell applications in public rights-of-way, effectively limiting local municipalities’ zoning authority over such structures.  

North Royalton, a village located just outside Cleveland, is extending its moratorium on applications for cell towers, antennas and equipment, reports Cleveland.com. The moratorium, which began in July, enables the municipality to “study the effect of Senate Bill 331 and authority it has to regulate new wireless equipment.”


Mon, January 16, 2017

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