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Eddie Esserman

Eddie Esserman is the co-founder of Inside Towers, a co-owner of a tower company (USAntenna, Inc.), and a Director for Media Services Group, Inc., a tower and broadcast station brokerage firm.

George Reed

George Reed is co-founder of Inside Towers, co-owns USAntenna, Inc., a tower firm with towers in the southeast, and is Managing Director for tower and broadcast station broker Media Services Group.

Jim Fryer

Jim Fryer is the Managing Editor for Inside Towers, providing insights with his unique three-decade perspective on the tower industry.
Washington Bureau Chief

Leslie Stimson

Leslie Stimson is the Washington Bureau Chief for Inside Towers. She has 35 years of reporting experience, with 20 of those years spent at radio trade publications.
Business Editor

John Celentano

John is a highly-regarded independent analyst and marketing consultant with years of experience in telecommunications.

Sharpe Smith

J. Sharpe Smith serves at the Technology Editor for Inside Towers, explaining the role new technologies will play in deploying and maintaining wireless infrastructure.

vp, marketing

Megan Reed

Megan Reed is the Marketing Director for Inside Towers. Prior to joining Inside Towers, Megan was the Strategic Marketing Specialist for New York City’s #1 real estate firm, Douglas Elliman.
Creative & Advertising

Cara Aston

Cara Aston is the Creative Director for Inside Towers and the Sales & Marketing Manager of Cara has a background in graphic design, is happy to work with you to create your banner advertisements.


Phil Cook

Phil Cook joined Inside Towers as Director of Advertising after working for AGL Media Group for the past seven years.


Loree Reed

Loree is Secretary/Treasurer for Inside Towers; she holds similar positions for USAntenna, Inc. and Media Services Group, Inc.
Contributing Reporter

Keara Piekanski

Keara M. Piekanski, Contributing Writer, lover of words, and (self-proclaimed) marketing nerd loves to help others make marketing work.