The proclaimed leader in powering wireless networks, Alpha Technologies’ experts use their knowledge of DC, AC, and line power to ensure cell towers, DAS systems, and small cell networks remain operational. Among its many accomplishments, Alpha was one of the first to use copper cable to power indoor DAS sites, and remains crucial in providing power for remote telecommunications sites. As a result, the company is a go-to when DAS and small cells are deployed in high-volume areas, such as stadiums, capitols, and convention centers.

Humphrey Tam, Alpha Technologies’ Marketing Coordinator, says the key to Alpha Technologies success is customization. “We are more flexible that our competitors,” he said. “We are nimble, and we can customize our products to fit our customers’ needs.” Many of the products targeting small cell operators ensure wireless networks maintain a constant connection to a power source, even when there are grid interruptions. Many power and battery units are deployed as “set it and forget it” systems, both for AC and DC units. This degree of deployments means installs are faster, and cost less.

One of the most important projects Alpha has completed provided power for DAS network operated in the tunnels of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s New York City subway system. The massive underground network connects 277 stations, and provides yearly service for 1 billion passengers, thanks to the system powered by Alpha Technologies’ equipment. The customized solution was made from equipment built to withstand constant vibrations, high temperatures, and moisture. At the same time, it met all load requirements, and provides adequate backup power in case of power outages. Customers of all four major U.S. carriers benefit from the system as they ride the transit system. In the end, Alpha Technologies seeks to offer successful solutions for their customers.  Alpha’s catalogs on various products can be seen at here.