Anritsu White Paper

How to Make PIM over CPRI Measurements with a BTS Master MT 8220T Base Station Analyzer

Learn how PIM over CPI option for the BTS Master MT 8220T is the first line of defense to determine if a tower crew needs to be called to fix PIM problems at the top of a tower or on a roff top.

  • No site turn down required – use live traffic over CPRI link to test for PIM
  • Test any radio frequency as measurement is based on CPRI data, not at RF frequency
  • Test at ground level – no tower crew required
  • Test for self generated and harmonic PIM
  • Supports SISO, 2×2 MIMO and 2×4 MIMO
  • Determine if PIM is internal or external to the antenna
  • Compatible with Nokia/ALu, Samsung or Huawei radios

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