Cheetah Networks and TELUS Complete Multi-City IoT Network Analytics Pilot


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Cheetah Networks, based in Ottawa, Ontario, recently completed the first phase of an innovative collaboration with Vancouver, British Columbia-based TELUS to improve the quality of experience (QoE) that the Canadian wireless carrier’s customers receive on its IoT network.

Over the past year, TELUS piloted Cheetah Network’s PulseView™ Solution to visualize its customers’ QoE in real-time. QoE is a critical metric for industrial-grade or mission-critical IoT connectivity applications.

TELUS’ dedicated IoT network supports connected devices and integrated solutions that help businesses decrease costs, increase revenue and monitor resources such as vehicle tracking and fleet management, energy management, and remote worker alert and assist.

In these environments, network-uptime metrics developed through proactive detection and correlation are essential. Cheetah Networks’ patented artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques automate the collection and multi-layer correlation of network events. Resultant network analytics are presented on a comprehensive dashboard for organization-wide monitoring and response, without compromising customer data privacy.

The PulseView™ Solution analyzes heterogeneous network infrastructure from the network’s edge to the cloud, whether public and private. Such analytics help optimize network infrastructure, identify trends, predict and pre-empt network down-time.

TELUS’ pilot demonstrates that actionable, real-time, IoT network analytics enable telecommunications network operators to immediately see and respond to network issues proactively wherever and whenever they originate in complex IoT environments.

“In the coming years, we will see the promise of IoT solutions and smart connected devices become fully realized with the deployment of 5G networks,” said TELUS CTO Ibrahim Gedeon. “Our pilot project with Cheetah Networks will help us deliver an exceptional customer experience through their advanced network analytics platform.”

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