FCC Names Members of New BDAC Disaster Response Working Group


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai named members of a new working group for the agency’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC).  The Disaster Response and Recovery Working Group is charged with recommending measures that can be taken to improve the resiliency of broadband infrastructure before a disaster occurs, as well as actions that can be taken to speed restoration following a disaster.  Following what he heard on the ground in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, the Chairman has also charged the working group with developing best practices for coordination among wireless providers, backhaul providers, and power companies during and after a disaster.

Pai recently said the agency will re-evaluate the agency’s Wireless Resiliency Framework, Inside Towers reported. The BDAC working group’s recommendations will be key to this review. “We encourage and expect all stakeholders—including government at all levels, power companies, fixed and mobile broadband providers, first responders, and others—to work together to develop ways to harden networks for future disasters and quickly restore communications services,” said Pai. 

Wireless Infrastructure Association President /CEO Jonathan Adelstein was named Vice-Chair of the new working group, along with Red Grasso, the FirstNet point of contact for North Carolina. Adelstein said he was honored. “The wireless infrastructure industry has worked long and hard to improve the resiliency of our networks. I look forward to sharing many of these successes with the working group, as well as learning from others on how to build on the work that has been done to ensure wireless networks remain reliable when needed most,” said Adelstein.

Other members of the Disaster Response and Recovery Working Group include representatives from Georgia Power, Crown Castle, CTIA and Charter. Read the full list here.

November 2, 2018

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