FCC’s Starks Talks and Tours Broadband in Upstate NY


FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks recently visited a town in upstate New York to check out a private-public partnership to expand broadband in Rensselaer County. County Executive Steve McLaughlin started the initiative, with partner Hudson Valley Wireless, reported The Record.

Under the partnership, the county provides crucial roof space on the County Office Building in downtown Troy, two county radio tower sites and the county Public Safety Building to boost internet signals in the area.

The signal is available in much of the county through Hudson Valley Wireless.

County officials said they are also working with Hudson Valley Wireless to continue expanding into more rural areas. The signal from the county buildings and towers fill-in coverage gaps, and strengthen overall signal and coverage, according to county officials.   

“We view broadband service as a necessity to daily life and business in all areas of our county. Rensselaer County will continue to work with partners in government and business to make it possible for residents everywhere to get broadband,” McLaughlin told The Record. “The visit from FCC Commissioner Starks shows [that] our efforts are getting noticed and hopefully, will lead to additional support from the state and the federal government,” added McLaughlin.

Starks tweeted the tour reminded him the digital gap, “cannot be solved with a one-size-fits-all approach. We need creative and affordable solutions to get unique communities connected.” He took the tour before attending a field hearing in Hudson, NY, concerning its broadband needs.

October 9, 2019   

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