The Inside Towers Database, powered by OneVizion, is a platform used to search over 184,000+ tower records and related tower owner details.

It is updated to reflect the most recent data from the FCC’s ASR database. The information is organized in a user-friendly interface and stationed in the cloud for easy, on-the-go access.


  • Quick search or search by state, owner or distance from zip code, coordinates or registration
  • Look up tower details including registration numbers, application statuses, structure type, height and coordinates
  • Access tower owner details including name and address
  • Map out tower locations and take advantage of Google Map views
  • Save custom views and filters
  • Develop tailored reports and export to Excel and Google Earth
  • Join and/or build a team to share comments, carrier information, notes and upload documents
  • Track change history
  • Tutorial videos and documents are available
  • Database updated on a nightly basis (synchs with FCC database information)


Here are a few tutorial videos that will give you a glimpse into the database capabilities.
VIDEO 1: Logging in, updating basic settings, using view and filters, executing a basic search.

VIDEO 2: Navigating the general info window, custom notes, uploading documents, entering customer user information.

VIDEO 3: Mapping functions, features and filters.

VIDEO 4: Exporting

VIDEO 5: Information regarding support materials.