Dewberry, which was established in 1956, got into the telecommunications industry in 1994 with survey, site, civil engineering, structural, environmental and geotechnical services on macro sites of all types, including towers to rooftops, water tanks and more.

“As technology progressed and wireless evolved, we recognized a need to address the challenge of placing more equipment on aging tower infrastructures, said Daniel Southwick, a senior vice president at Dewberry. “Since then, our teams have been put to the test, designing tower-mounted remote radio heads and additional antennas in ways that reinforce the structural integrity of older towers and mounts to support the added loads of carrier expansions.”

Dewberry has evolved with the IDAS, ODAS and small cell system trend by incorporating mechanical, electrical and transportation services. The mechanical and electrical professionals support complex DAS projects, while transportation professionals provide the expertise needed to provide small cell support and perform fiber routing within right-of-ways. The integrated approach facilitates speed to market and knowledge sharing while staying up-to-date with the changing industry.

Dewberry serves public- and private-sector clients. Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, Dewberry has more than 40 locations and 2,000 professionals nationwide, with the telecommunication projects primarily in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

“We look forward to increasing our site acquisition and construction services in order to provide a full turnkey option to clients, a process that will bring better solutions and communication to more complex wireless projects,” Southwick said. “This integrated approach will help us enhance our capabilities, presence and services to tower owners, wireless carriers and DAS and small cell infrastructure companies across the nation. Contact: