By Eleanor Snite, contributing editor

ISCO International, which started in 1989, brings to the wireless market a suite of highly differentiated technologies and solutions for mobile operators, network infrastructure providers and other resellers of wireless products and software solutions. Bill Myers, vice president product management and strategy, said the company’s main offering is a product family called Proteus. Proteus is a high-end digital signal processing platform that fits between the antenna and the base station and does a variety of filtering and processing algorithms on the uplink signal between the cell phone and the base station.

“We use cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible signal,” Myers said. “We can tailor the signal specifically for a given environment or application.” ISCO holds more than 42 U.S. and foreign patents on spectrum conditioning solutions that improve how wireless spectrum is utilized through visibility, manageability and conditioning. You can see what’s happening in the spectrum, it allows you to take action based on what is found in the network and incorporate the digital algorithms necessary to improve the customer’s experience.

Myers said the major challenge in the past few years is the industry evolution and move to LTE and 4G networks. “There were a lot of questions and problems with the LTE networks,” Myers said. “But the solutions have a lot of value and are creating new opportunities for us to help the network to perform even better.” Headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, ISCO primarily focuses on the United States market and Canada, but also does some international business.