Landmark Dividend LLC started up in 2010 and focuses on ground lease capital solutions. Instead of being beheld to Wall Street, the fledgling company is backed by private family funds.

“Within 45 days of getting the backing of the funds, we had our first transaction,” said Graeme Kavanagh, executive vice president of business development. “Last November, we took two of our private funds and went public under the name Landmark Infrastructure LP, which puts us in an even greater financial position to provide services to our clients.”

Landmark has worked with wireless carriers and tower companies from small to large providing capital solutions to fit each clients needs. It offers liquidity for landlords looking to grow their business in an investment opportunity. It also provides capital for mortgage companies, tower installers and other service providers in the industry.

Landmark has developed thousands of sites for many wireless carriers and tower companies generating strong new revenue for its clients. The company has gone to great lengths to establish good relations with its clients.
Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, Landmark is nationwide and in Australia, Puerto Rico and Canada. Kavanagh said Landmark will continue to focus on the U.S. and Australia markets, which are doing well. “We’re looking to make what’s very good even better by continuing to find ways to work in concert with our clients,” he said.

The company is led by Jeffrey Knyal, CEO, who founded the ground lease acquisition industry and has been involved in the purchase of more than 3,000 cellular and billboard ground leases. Find out more here.