By Contributing Editor, Eleanor Snite

Media Capital Advisors, Inc. was started in 2003 by Steven Bitner and Keith Walters. Both have more than 18 years in the mergers and acquisitions field and specialize in the wireless and tower sectors of the communications industry. They primarily work with tower developers and wireless carriers, including mom and pop companies to the largest corporations. Services include all stages of development from seed capital through sale. Most of Media Capital Advisors’ business currently is with companies selling and buying towers throughout the United States. Bitner and Walters are investment banking experts and help businesses raise the most cost effective money to expand their services and work to ensure their clients get a fair price and terms through an honest auction process.

Both men take time out from their busy schedules to speak at tower and wireless conferences. The conferences are good exposure for Media Capital Advisors, but they also enjoy educating industry companies about mergers and acquisitions and the status of the current marketplace. One challenge for the duo is that sometimes they’re almost too busy. They have discussed adding employees but in the end decided they wanted to keep their partnership the way it is. Their previous employer was a large company, and the two like being hands on and active in all aspects of their own business. “We both enjoy what we’re doing,” Bitner said. “The industry continues to be recession proof, and we never lack for business. We love making the deals.” “We enjoy working together, and we enjoy the industry,” Walters said. “We’re both family-oriented, and that’s important to us too.”