screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-9-43-19-amThe U.S. military and armed forces of other countries use a variety of telescopic towers: pneumatic masts, cable-driven masts, mechanical masts, spindle drive masts, telescoping lattice towers, pan and tilt positioners along with portable tri-pod and field masts.  Military forces in other countries, like Germany, for example, use telescopic spindle masts for target detection, reconnaissance, surveillance, security and battlefield communication.

An Ohio-based manufacturer, Will-Burt Company, is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturer of military telecom equipment. The company’s masts are optimized for electronic warfare systems, monitoring and target recognition and optical/electronic intelligence.

The company also makes a carbon-fiber composite, an electro-mechanical featuring strength, low weight and stability. “Stiletto” is a lightweight, compact product for rapid deployment and has high-directional pointing accuracy, according to the company.

Its pneumatic masts are especially suited to military communications. Guying is available for vehicle-mounted, heavy-duty locking models.

The KVR and KVL telescopic cable-drive mast systems are used within military and commercial-based environments, including lighting, surveillance and communications testing, and are designed for field, shelter, trailer and vehicle deployment. The mast sections include precise pointing accuracy, as well as retraction and safe deployment in adverse environments, says Will-Burt. Their full array of military grade telecom equipment is listed in their catalog.