By Eleanor Snite, contributing writer

Datapath Tower LLC is a full-service telecommunications site developer supporting public safety, municipal and broadband communication systems. Started in 2012, its top officers, CEO Bill Tinsley and President Curt Jones, each bring long careers in the tower industry with them, including years on the Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System for the State of Florida. Datapath focuses on counties and municipalities that have tower issues, no matter what those issues are. They already own towers in Florida and Georgia and are currently putting together packages for municipalities in Tennessee and Virginia.

Jones’ and Tinsley’s business model fills the need for counties and cities that don’t have the immediate capital resources to develop their own towers. “We are full service, we are flexible and we are very innovative,” Jones said. “We believe we can make a difference in their tower solutions and continually find and help more counties that are wrestling with tower problems.” Datapath can build new towers, purchase existing towers, move towers, update old tower systems, find and purchase sites, lease space on towers, market colocations and maintain and manage towers. “Sometimes we purchase a tower from the government and lease it back,” Jones said. “It takes the headaches of owning a tower away from them. We can be the municipality’s tower department. A lot of counties think that’s the way to go.” Because of their backgrounds, when Jones and Tinsley speak to communities, they educate them about how important towers can be for public safety.