By Eleanor Snite
Inside Towers Special Correspondent

TESSCO Technologies is a total wireless source for providing everything needed to run, build, maintain or resell wireless systems. The company can provide all the product solutions and services to those who are installing the towers and everything on them, including antennas and filter products, grounding and lightning arrestors, installation supplies, safety equipment and supplies, tools and site hardware, power systems, cable and in-building wireless solutions and wireless backhaul.

Charlie Schultz, director of solutions development, said the company has 220 locations across the country where a depot can be set up on or close to a tower site. One of TESSCO’s specialties is supply chain architecture which allows it to deliver materials needed to the site and set up a depot. Materials can be provided as needed, and when the work is done, the depot is taken down.

“We do complete end-to-end solutions, not just the towers,” said Bill Moten, vice president of solutions development. “For instance, safety equipment: We sell the equipment, but we also can provide training for the users. We can provide all the products and services to the people who are installing the towers.”

Moten said another service is working with financial lines of credit for the client. It can also provide tower calculations determining the proper tower based on wind and ice loading. Battery backup systems, solar-powered systems and complete security camera systems are available for remote sites.

TESSCO works with more than 400 leading manufacturers. Headquartered in Hunt Valley, MD, it has approximately 900 employees. It focuses its work on the United States, Canada, South America and the Caribbean.

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