Tower Safety & Instruction: Training Climbers to Prepare, Plan, and Practice


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Kathy Gill, CEO, and founder of Tower Safety & Instruction (T.S.I.) is passionate about providing cell tower and safety training for the nation’s tower climbers. “After working in telecom for years and serving as head of the safety division for a wireless company, I saw so many climbers come through that had little to no training,” said Gill. “I was compelled to change that statistic and provide compliance-based training to keep climbers safe.”

Providing exceptional training in telecommunications safety is a 24/7 commitment for Gill and her team. “We are available seven days a week and create flexible schedules and overall safety dedication to both contractors and employees,” said Gill. “Our training is also affordable, so owners and climbers can all stay safe.”

T.S.I. offers both online and hands-on training in their Phoenix facility, equipped with real-world simulations. “Our facility is pretty cool,” said Gill. “We’ve built it out for our rope access classes and developed a course especially for the wireless industry called Wireless Rope Access Technician (WRAT) with various belays, negative edges, and rigging anchor points. We offer a 16’ SST, 60’ SST, 70’ monopole and a 40’ tower platform to test fall forces or to train from.”

“We’re also super excited to have an 85-foot aerial lift truck for additional training/rescue scenarios since most of the DSW tower work is done from a lift truck,” Gill added.

At their Arizona training site, T.S.I. works with a retired Special Ops /Technical Rescue/Hazmat Captain from the Phoenix Fire department. His confined space rescue and training simulator consists of 8’ to 20’ pipe sections and over 100 feet leading up to, around, and onto a 20’ x 50’ rooftop. Overall, the various safety trainings a student can receive at T.S.I.’s facility and the landscape of amazing equipment is worth a visit.

Plus, T.S.I. is making training interactive. “We want to change the way the climbers are taught when it comes to tower safety,” said Gill. “We’re making our training in the classroom more hands-on, creating a tactile learning environment.”

The instructors at T.S.I. have worked in the telecom industry – testing, climbing, and rigging for over 25 years.  As a licensed contractor, Kathy, and her team understand the hazards and difficulties a tower crew face daily. T.S.I. training focuses on repetition, by having the student try again and again, creating a learned behavior and a skilled employee. “Important factors for remaining safe include rigging and understanding anchors plus the unforeseen forces, but overall, workers must trust their instincts and take personal responsibility for remaining safe,” said Gill.

T.S.I. training empowers individuals, enabling trainees to do whatever it takes to return home safely every day. “Our training challenges clients to think about, act on, and value safety in ways that impact their lives,” said Gill.

Tower Safety and Instruction focuses on three crucial safety behaviors:

  • HONESTY – Being aware of unsafe conditions and acknowledging potential hazards.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Acting and making necessary changes.
  • INTEGRITY – Inspiring and coaching co-workers to perform safely.

Additionally, Gill recently completed a portable field operation manual to keep climbers and owners safe while on the job. Streamlining safety
rules, regulations, and guidelines, Gill’s manual was a labor of love. I’ve taught hundreds of courses over the years and have heard stories both inspirational and heartbreaking about experiences tower climbers have faced when it comes to safety situations.  I finally decided it was time to take my passion and dedication for the climber and construction owner to the next level and set about creating a manual,” said Gill.

In addition to the resources offered by T.S.I., the company’s courses include:

  • NWSA
  • WRAT (Wireless Rope Access Technician)
  • Authorized Climber
  • Competent Climber
  • First Aid + CPR
  • OSHA 10-Hour
  • OSHA 30-Hour
  • RF Awareness
  • Train the Trainer
  • ANSI 10.48 Competent Rigger
  • Drone Training for Tower Crews
  • Online Courses

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Tower Safety & Instruction provides year-round training for climbers nationwide. For more information on T.S.I. or to contact a representative, visit

September 11, 2018

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