TowerCom is primarily a tower developer and owner involved in everything from site acquisition to construction management. Started in 1994 and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, TowerCom is driven by the needs of its clients. The company is currently in an expansion mode. George Davis, who along with Chip Bulloch is a managing partner, said for the past 18 months, the company has been spreading to the mid-Atlantic, midwest and other select markets.

“The time was right for us to grow and be more of a nationwide company once again,” Bulloch said. “TowerCom has been very stable, and we always try to interact with our clients to understand how their needs are changing.” TowerCom is focused on new tower development, whether it be carrier sites, relo sites or strategic sites. They are turnkey developers and have master leases with national carriers. “We’re very adaptable to changes in the industry,” Davis said. “We build traditional towers and alternative structures when necessary. We also help carriers when they have a high-rent situation or need to move off a site. Both managing partners are proud of their staff. “We don’t just have other people do all the work and put our name on the fence,” Davis said. “Our people are experienced and are hands on from start to finish.”