In 1996, Dominic Villecco and David Stern opened a wireless engineering firm named V-Comm LLC and worked on some of the original cellular applications. They have been working with wireless carriers ever since, and along the way they added the public safety radio and communication systems of first responders.

Today, V-Comm’s services include a full range of hardware and engineering support, network design tools, measurement hardware, business planning, zoning hearing support, expert witness testimony, regulatory advisory assistance and complete project management. Some clients hire V-Comm for the complete project, while others may just ask for site justification. “We have a very good judicial record when we help justify towers,” Villecco said. “The bulk of our expert witness testimony is in zoning.”

V-Comm works with some clients starting from a complete greenfield and with other clients who just need help with engineering. The Cranberry, NJ-based company has clients all over the United States, in South America and in the Caribbean, but is primarily focused on the states up and down the Atlantic coastline. Clients include local, county and state governments and private companies of all sizes.

As the technology changes, V-Comm has changed too. It has a small lab in the NJ office now and can do technical evaluations for clients. For instance, its experts can verify that something made by a manufacturer can really do what the manufacturer says it will do or not.