3M™ Concealment Film is Being Discontinued


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3M™ placed its reflective concealment film on its discontinued list, confirms Scott Duncan, COO of ObscureTech. The film can be used on telecommunications RF infrastructure to reflect its surroundings and aims to eliminate the need for expensive structures or faux facades.

According to 3M’s website, Conceal Film uses high performance non-metallic reflective film technology. “Reflective over the full visible spectrum and RF-transmissive into the microwave range, 3M Conceal Film is specially formulated with an adhesive backing to provide long-life in outdoor environments and excellent UV irradiance stability. 3M Conceal Film is optimized for glare reduction and contains a protective layer to provide abrasion resistance and permit mild cleaning,” it states.

Despite the discontinuation, “There is still plenty to go around,” says Duncan. “Stock is going out as fast as it comes in. We are working with other manufacturers to source an alternative solution. This can take some time due to the COVID-19 crisis, as resources are limited during this time,” he says.

Orders can be placed for current builds but should not be requested for new sites under development. ObscureTech’s products are approved by U.S. wireless carriers across all technologies, according to Duncan. RF transparent products have been tested from 600 MHz to 100 GHz and ObscureTech can provide pre-cut film fit to size based on manufacturer specifications, or by full roll.

“We offer options for installation by our in-house certified technicians or certification training to your installation team. We are here to assist with quick turnaround time and can provide test samples,” Duncan said. To learn more or request the product, visit https://obscuretechllc.com.

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