LinkNYC Assesses Pole Aesthetics in The Big Apple


Since its 5G pole infrastructure project was announced in 2022, LinkNYC has faced backlash from New York City residents, especially those living in historic neighborhoods, reported Our Town. However, the company said installing 5G towers across the five boroughs is necessary to increase connectivity for all New Yorkers. 

According to Matthew Fraser, LinkNYC’s Chief Technology Officer, his agency is “currently reassessing design elements” related to aesthetics. He mentioned reviewing other cities’ designs and elements and potentially hosting a public design competition.

Fraser’s design change announcement is not the first time an alternative look has been proposed. Last October, a Manhattan Assembly Member recommended reviewing designs in Phoenix or Boston that are attached to existing structures or hidden in local landmarks.  

A Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation representative is “heartened” that LinkNYC will “consider designs that are shorter, smaller, less intrusive looking, and eschew the large video screens in residential neighborhoods,” according to Our Town.

Although a resolution has not been confirmed, a spokesperson for the city’s Office of Technology and Innovation noted that “CTO Fraser is interested in looking at every option for enabling existing street furniture to support WiFi and other services, similar to the Link5G program.”

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