A Big, Small Cell Future


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From carrier coordination to small cell co-location, the way our connectivity comes to life is always evolving. This case study analyzes the pivotal role small cells play in the rollout of 5G, Charlotte’s (‘the city that got it right’) approach on network densification, FCC acceleration, municipality education and the price of progress.

The case study is written by Dan Himes who has spent 30 years as an owner and/or partner in a number of companies involved with supplying equipment as well as engineering and construction services to the telecom industry. Mr. Himes is a partner in the firm that performed the construction, installation and integration of the Qube-MRS® small cell solution on the Miami Biscayne Boulevard 5G deployment and was integrally involved in the delivery of the project. Dan now oversees the business development efforts for Qube-MRS® LLC. Read and download the case study here.

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